Blue Isbar Chicks


Sweden is known for beauties and the Blue Isbar, of Swedish decent, does not disappoint. This dainty breed was developed by Martin Silverudd in the mid-twentieth century. Though not a bantam, this breed is quite small. To call the Isbar rare is an absurd understatement as a diminishing number of breeding flocks exists in the world. Many are drawn to the distinctly unique mossy green, sometimes mint colored eggs, while others are in the pursuit of preserving the dwindling Blue Isbar population. Whether you are looking to add color to your egg basket or simply a splash of rare beauty to your flock, the Blue Isbar is an incomparable contender.

When sunlight hits the feathers of a Blue Isbar chicken a new level of beauty is bestowed upon the human eye. Their showy, almost iridescent sheen is irresistible. Gorgeous as they may be, the Blue Isbar is a dependable layer, crafty forager and a personable, sweet natured bird.

The color blue in poultry can fool an unknowing buyer. Blue offspring will be blue, black, white and splash. In most cases a true blue is the most desirable, however to produce genetically diverse offspring all colors are used in breeding and sold for the same reason.

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